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Folks, I'm open for cover and pin-up work throughout January. I have no work for this month and require some cash to get my bills paid and food on the table. If you have any line-art in need of colouring, contact me at

My rates are going up this year to $60+, but for this month only, I'm holding my rates at $50 per page.

I'm open to working on cheap character colour commissions for a limited time. Just $40 (US) for single character sheets or pin-ups, +$10 for each additional character on page. Send me a note or an email to titled $40 Colours with an example of the lineart you want me to colour and I'll get back to you with a request for specs and refs.

$40 Digital Colours by pixelisedmind $40 Digital Colours by pixelisedmind
$40 Digital Colours by pixelisedmind

Mature Content

$40 Digital Colours by pixelisedmind
$40 Digital Colours by pixelisedmind

Mature Content

$40 Digital Colours by pixelisedmind
$40 Digital Colours by pixelisedmind
Our fellow artist, Toshinho, after a long time in development, has finally started his Patreon page. This page is dedicated to the development of "Boss Concept", a universe and bible that brings modern corporate life and medieval age style together. The foundation to potential computer games, animation, card games or more. The limits are not yet set.

View the main DevArt journal regarding the project here: <da:thumb id="546543923"/>

Visit Toshinho here:

And the Patreon page itself, here:
Just a dump of all the places you can find me on the web, excluding DevArt of course!

Word Press ( ): This one is dedicated to my writing pursuits. You can read my short stories and get updates on self-published work.

Twitter ( ): Updates on everything here, art, writing and other pursuits. You can also see me take part in a number of Twitter events for writing when they happen during the year.

Facebook ( ): This one is purely writing related. Just like my Wordpress, you'll find my short stories, books and comic work that I've written for.

Tumblr - Creativepoole ( ): This Tumblr account is used to display my personal artwork, colour collaborations, professional colour work and my writing.

Tumblr - Boyz N The Wood ( ): This Tumblr blog is different from everything else you'll see from me online. It's dedicated to my outdoor pursuits, bush crafting, survival, hiking and wild camping. Lots of photographs and some writing.

Feel free to follow any and each, and share where you can. And most of all, enjoy the content!

A lot happened during this past year: relationships were created and some very sadly lost; work was done, and art too. I've moved home, downsized and relocated to an entirely different environment altogether. I've given up hobbies and other activities that have now freed up time for my writing and the nature that inspires it.

I have a harder life, in some ways, happier in most other ways (though there are some downfalls). Either way, I see good things ahead, but here I'm going to look at what's happened in the past. 2014 in review.


Working as an English living Colourist in a predominantly American culture of art and industry has been difficult over the years. I don't often vocalise the issues that I have, but it should be understood that for the amount of work I may have to produce for my clients, I earn often times less than 50% of what I'd prefer. $50 rates convert to a measly £ (pound) amount. This aside, I continue to do the job I love that allows me to work with the talented people I've been blessed to interact with.

This year has seen me work in the background of many properties, helping artists complete their credited work. Some work is on colour flats, some on shades, some on lighting effects (which many people are drawn to, I seem to have an aesthetic quality that they appreciate). I've done colours for some first issues of comic serials for aspiring comic book writers, such as the award winning RPG author Chris Carter. I've done a lot of stuff for Jeremy Mohler and Outland Entertainment, a fantastically talented Art Consultancy. They've seen a lot of success in comics and table top RPGs being funded over on Kickstarter, and it's been a pleasure to be a part of that in whatever ways I have been.

Commissions came in waves this year, I saw a lot of people coming to me all at once, and it was overcoming my ability to cope with regular work and commissions, so some jobs, unfortunately for myself and the clients, had to be denied. Overall however, I managed to produce some good colours and please a lot of clients, as well as work on some of the best line-art I've had the opportunity to. There are some amazing comic book artists out there, currently untapped. I hope to see them rise in success.

It was unfortunate that during my relocation during part of the year, with some downtime due to no internet access, I lost a number of projects and prospective jobs while out of contact with clients. It's taken a good portion of time to regain consistent work with my regular clients and I'm finally showing my dependability once again. It has not been easy.


My production of personal artwork has suffered. Partially due to my move, partly due to my focus on other things, and partly because of the lack of structure to my days. All of it my own fault. I've done some stuff that I'm pleased with, digital painting and design that seemed to flow out of me quite easily, despite my lack of practice. Book covers, internal pages, collaborations. I've managed to do at least a couple of each in between every other activity or distraction. It's not a lot, but it is something.


Writing has been the biggest thing for me during 2014. It's seen the completion of two books and a number of experimental short stories, as well as the completion of research and background work for three literary works, one of which is a novel currently in the writing stage.

“en.gage”, my science fiction novel, which takes a look at one man's experiences inside a massively multiplayer online game, was released later in the year on “Forbidden”, a dark fantasy novella, and what I consider a great accomplishment in terms of my story telling ability, was completed and edited, ready for release also.

I can honestly say that I'm astoundingly happy with what I've done, it was a dream for me to be able to say that I've written a book, let alone two in a year, and even more overall during my time writing. I can't say I'm happy with the reception of my stories, of which there has been next to none. I thought writing would be the hard part, but as it turns out, finding an audience is, no matter how much I advertise and share. Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr and Deviant Art have seen no real activity from prospective readers, though at the end of the year I did see an increase in watchers on Twitter and Wordpress, I think mostly due to my participation in Twitter Hashtag pitching to publishers, agents and editors.

Of those who have read my work, I can happily say that they've enjoyed it. It's a small number, but I'm yet to receive any negative response to my words. It's my hope that I can grow this number and continue to entertain people.


I've gained friends and love, lost relationships and seen the end of lives of wonderful people. I've probably laughed and cried this year more than any other in my adult life. It's been an emotional year. I'm glad to see the back of some of it, and I'm sad to know that as time goes on, things I'd rather have continued with will be lost to me.

I've managed to visit some beautiful places, Scotland being a major location. I've seen sights that I never even knew existed on this island, and I've learnt important skills that I've been able to put in to practise in foreign and even sometimes extreme or dangerous environments. It's been nothing but positive.

I really do hope that these positive things can continue.

The past year has seen both the sad, mundane and the extremely special, I can look back at the beginning and quite obviously see how much I've grown and changed. It's been a period of progress that I've not experienced for a long while. It's been very good in regards to these things, and I wish that I can say the same thing at the end of 2015.

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Well, I took the plunge. For those who are interested in my writing, please head over and take a look. Like and share if it's your cup-O-tea.

I'm accepting commissions on digital colours for character line art at $40 each, +$10 for each additional character, payable via Paypal after proof of completion. Note or contact me at creativepoole& with examples of your line art and your specific needs for the piece.

Feel free to view the quality of work you will receive below.

$40 Digital Colours by pixelisedmind
$40 Digital Colours by pixelisedmind

Mature Content

$40 Digital Colours by pixelisedmind

$40 Digital Colours by pixelisedmind
$40 Digital Colours by pixelisedmind
$40 Digital Colours by pixelisedmind
$40 Digital Colours by pixelisedmind

Visit me on Twitter:
Sawalo Ceesay (GearKid), has posted up a journal on his brother's Deviant Art page concerning his siblings struggle with cancer. Please head over and read, especially if you are already acquainted with the man himself, Njaga:…

I should really be saying my goodbye over there, but first I'd let it be known that I have a great respect for Njaga in trying to overcome his illness in any way he could find. He has shown a resilience that is not just inspiring to me, but unheard of when it came to my own experience in dealing with family who have suffered and lost to cancer.

My relationship with Njaga and Sawalo has always been stronger with the younger brother, but my respect for Njaga and his dedication to his art has never been less than great. I find myself sad that I may not see Njaga's creations reach full bloom, but I am grateful for being able to have seen such potential in the first place. I am grateful for the interactions between the two of us, both socially and as artists, and I am deeply saddened and disappointed in myself that we have not grown to have a greater relationship than we do today.

Njaga has my love and admiration, and I could do no better thing than, even at this point in time, than introduce my Watchers to his work. Please view and enjoy what the man has offered.

I should also say, at this time, that the ill party is not the only one to suffer. Family and friends hurt just as much. Please, if you would, show some love and support to the brother, Sawalo.

Here's to my beloved friends.

Njaga Ceesay :iconnjaga: and Sawalo Ceesay :icongearkid:
I'm on tumblr now, see my page over here:


And as an extra, please visit my friends and show some support for great artists:

Just a quick note for those interested. I am now available for colouring work for comic books or other artworks. If you are interested, please contact me at , so we can discuss work load and rates.

Those in need of commission colours are quite welcome to send me a note via Deviant Art. My rate per commission starts at $50 US and upward, depending on complexity of the image and the work time required. All payment via paypal.


EDIT: Regular email is back up.
Had a malware infection on my work machine, not a simple fix. It may take a reformatting and new OS install, or I might go another route. If I'm unable to be contacted few a couple of days, you'll know why.

UPDATE: Computer is back up and running, but I have to deal with email, software and hardware installs. I have no access to my regular email account (, so for those who regularly contact me, or for those who would like or need to, please use this email address:

Ascension Story is my first artbook.

The book exhibits a number of space and celestial paintings, as well as landscapes and futuristic architecture. To bind the illustration together into one theme, a short story has been written and printed alongside the art.

It's available for print on demand here:

Check it out.

And don't forget my first novel over here:…

Free PDF download via my website of No Design, No Conception. Get it, read it, enjoy it:


No Design, No Conception is now available for print on demand:

Buy this version to enjoy the story in a more traditional form, and to enjoy the beautiful cover by Zlatolin Donchev.


My first novel, which has been long in development, is finally available for purchase on Amazon Kindle.

The book tells the story of Jonathan Meyer, a globe-trotter who discovers a psychokinetic power that gives him the ability to manipulate his environment, but with his great power comes a price. An unknown organisation, rooted in every body of society, including government, detects those with such power and subdues their existence. Jonathan must fight for his freedom, the freedom of his friends, and for the right to discover the truth behind his power.

Inspired by writers such as David Icke, popular conspiracy theories and spiritual concepts, No Design, No Conception explores how human beings would evolve past our current existence through an adventurous story, involving action, martial arts and the paranormal.

The book comes with an amazing cover painted by Zlatolin Donchev.

Purchase on Amazon UK:…
Purchase on Amazon US:…

Also available in Canada and other English speaking countries.

I hope those who do read it, enjoy the story and look forward to more in the future. Spread the word, share the work, review if you please, but most of all have fun reading.
I'm open for colour commissions. Send a note or email with an example of the lineart and we can discuss everything from there.

Price ranges from 50-60 US dollars or more, depending on the level of detail, number of characters or complexity of backgrounds.


/r/comicbooks over on are looking for indy comic creators and publishers to do question and answer sessions, trying to both boost activity on the site and bring light to lesser known artists and books outside of the big two publishers (Mavel, DC).

This might be a good opportunity to get the word out about working projects and current releases from any number of the folks reading this, so be sure to give it a look.
My new website is up and running over here:

You'll find information about books, comics and other creations, as well as an opportunity to see exclusive work you won't find anywhere else.

The website will undergo some additions over time, but it's cool for viewing now. And to celebrate, I've released an upcoming short story online that is due for print close to the end of the year. The Last Man:…

Mine and Shaun O'Neils work for Robert Kirkman recently got a Daily Deviation feature. You can see the work here: . Be sure to find all of the pages in Outlaw Territory Volume 2, published by Image Comics.

Thank you to WhiteKimahri ( for the actual suggestion.

To all of those who have started watching me due to the feature, there were a lot of you, thanks for watching! You can also find me on twitter, here:

It's great to see people enjoying my work, that's why I do this, to entertain. I take this as a signal that I'm doing what I set out to do.

Seems the talent has passed due to his cancer.

An artist that will be missed.

Outlaw Territory Volume 2, the Wild West anthology is released today by Image Comics.

Go and buy it in order to see the amazing work by Shaun O'Neil (with colours from yours truly), titled "Man on a Horse", written by Robert Kirkman.

Plenty of other talent involved, so it's well worth the purchase.

Shaun's Devart:

Official Outlaw Territory Website: outlawterritoryanthology.blogs…
It seems a lot of creatives have been passing away this year. Sadly, it was Satoshi Kon's time.

A talented director who impressed me with such movies as Perfect Blue and Tokyo Godfathers, as well as his writing for Magnetic Rose (Memories).

It's sad to see him go at such a young age.…